Student Life at St. Boniface

The student life at St. Boniface is all-encompassing. We understand there are many different aspects to facilitate a child`s development: spirituality, quality education, social opportunities, leadership opportunities, stewardship, athletics, and a learning environment that prepares and supports students. We focus our resources in 4 primary areas:

Catholicism, Curriculum, Character Development, Community


Catholicism – Demonstrate core values across all aspects of their learning experience:

Living Rosary

Youth Days Retreats (Spring and Fall)

8th Grade Graduation Retreat

First Communion Retreat

Weekly Mass with opportunities to cantor, read, and serve

Active Parish Leadership

Morning Prayer

Celebrate National Catechist Day and Catholic Schools Week

Curriculum – Designed to meet and exceed state requirements while meeting each child where they are in their learning process:

Pre-K through 8th Grade School

Science Lab

PE 3 Days/Week

Music 2 Days/Week

Art 1 Day/Week

Spanish 1 Day/Week

Computer Lab Weekly

SMART Board Technology

High Honor Roll and Honor Roll Recognition Quarterly

Annual Achievement Testing (St. Boniface students are consistently in the 80-90th percentile)

Core subjects include: Math, Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Religion, Science, Spelling

Accelerated Reader Program

Library – Weekly

Learning Fair

SIUE Science Fair

Young Authors

Speech Team

Model UN

Personal Safety Instruction

Member IESA and NCEA

Character Development – Provide multiple opportunities for students to spread their wings and create meaningful and fun experiences:

Student Council

Drama Club

Field Day


Space Camp

Field Trips

DARE – Drug Awareness program

School Dances


Red Ribbon Week

Buddy Program (K-1 pairs with 7-8)

YMCA Team Challenge Course

Community – Foster a sense of oneness and desire to give back:

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts

Math-a-thon and Jump-a-thon

St. Vincent De Paul

Mission Carnival


Glen-Ed Pantry Drives

Recycling Programs