Support Our School

Like most Catholic Schools, St. Boniface faces the challenge of succeeding in an increasingly competitive educational marketplace. With tuition and fees covering just 60% of the cost of a St. Boniface education, the school relies on support from parishioners, alumni, parents, and friends to help bridge the gap between tuition income and growing financial demands. This can be accomplished by contributing your time, your resources, and your prayers to our many fundraising (and Spirit raising) efforts.

Angel Fund – This fund helps a student at St. Boniface School. Your contribution gives a child an opportunity to receive an excellent Catholic education.

Classroom Wish Lists – Parishioners may select items from the classroom wish list and either purchase the item outright or donate toward a specific item. Please contact Laura Kretzer, Principal, for more information.

Major Fundraisers

  1. SCRIP is an ongoing year-round fundraiser. Each family is required to purchase a minimum of $1500 (June – May). It is a very easy and convenient way for the school to raise money. Gift certificates are purchased which can be used in place of cash when making purchases at local grocery stores. The school makes 3% – 13% for every dollar exchanged. Gift certificates are available at the following locations:
    • In the church lobby at each weekend Mass.
    • At the Parish Office during business hours.
    • At the school office by sending in a filled out form on Monday morning.
    • Via the Internet—SCRIP may be ordered from home and picked up at the parish office; purchased and printed at home; reloaded at home.  See specific directions on Fast Direct LINKS page.
  1. Trash bags, magazine subscriptions, and/or other items are sold throughout the school year. Parent support and sales are essential to its success. Students may earn special prizes by meeting certain “selling” quotas.
  1. Boniface Raffle Calendars are sold in the fall of the year. Parents are expected to sell 10 calendars. A name is drawn for each day of the year and prizes of various amounts are awarded to that person.
  1. The Auction Dinner Dance is held in the fall of the year. This event usually features a silent and an oral auction, a dinner, and dancing.  A wide variety of auction items are donated by parishioners, parents, and friends of St. Boniface School.
  1. Bonifest is a two day parish festival held in May/June. It features food, music, prize booths, and amusement rides for all ages.
  1. Big Bona Raffle is held in conjunction with the Bonifest. Parents are expected to sell 5 raffle tickets to raise money for Catholic education at St. Boniface Parish. The prizes may vary year to year, but is usually the equivalent of about $15,000.

Additional Fundraisers

There are many other ongoing fundraisers held each year. The money goes into the school office checking account and pays for unbudgeted incidental items that the school needs during the year. Some of these are listed below and provide an easy way to support St. Boniface School. Please share the information with family and friends to solicit their assistance.

  1. Target – To participate, just apply for a Target Charge Card (or use your existing card) and ask Target to designate St. Boniface School [School ID # = 6138] to the “Take Charge of Education Program.” Target will donate 1% of all your charge card purchases to St. Boniface.  Call 1-800-316-6142.
  1. Schnucks—Schnucks offers an eScrip rebate unique to them. Just ask for a eScrip card at Schnucks, call or register the card online——designating St. Boniface School (School ID # 500088456) as your school of choice. Schnucks will donate 3% of all purchases to St. Boniface School.
  1. Tyson – Tyson will pay cash to the school when coupons are redeemed. Save the “Support Your School!” coupon from Tyson products.
  1. Aluminum Cans – Bring your cans to the trailer at the “alley” parking lot.
  1. Ink and Laser Cartridge Recycle – Collect your empty ink and laser cartridges and send them to school for recycling. Our school receives cash for each empty inkjet cartridge and for certain laser/fax/copier cartridges. A list of acceptable cartridges is in the school office on Money collected helps offset computer lab expenses.
  1. Cell Phones – Collect your old cell phones and send them to the school to be recycled. Our school donates them or receives cash for each phone we recycle.

Other “approved” fundraisers are also held to earn monies for Space Camp, missions, or other designated projects.