St. Boniface and St. Mary`s schools have combined their Band programs to create the Edwardsville Catholic School Band (ECSB.) Band students from both schools combine for rehearsals, parades, and performances throughout the school year.

Rehearsal Scheduleband3

Sr. Band after school rehearsals will be held on every Tuesday and Wednesday either at St. Boniface or at St. Mary`s. Parents will be asked to volunteer to carpool, if needed.

Jr. Band after school rehearsals will be held every Thursday either at St. Boniface or at St. Mary`s. Parents will be asked to volunteer to carpool, if needed.

Equipment Needed

Each band member needs to have his/her own instrument, music book (or any other issued music and folder), pencil, and folding music stand. All music, instruments, and pencils need to come to each rehearsal, with your child, for him/her to be properly prepared to perform.

  • Each student needs their own folding music stand for home practice and some performances. Folding stands may be purchased at any music store. For your convenience, you might want to purchase a stand “case” with a handle. Do NOT carry your stand in your instrument case! Damage to your instrument will result from a stand or other bulky objects being transported in your instrument case. Stands are required for participation in the Madison County Band Festival and other special performances.
  • Make sure all equipment is labeled with your child`s name! Music stands (all parts), instrument cases and sweatshirts must have your child`s name indicated.


All band members are expected to participate by marching with the Edwardsville Catholic Schools Band in three parades:

  • Edwardsville High School Homecoming Parade
  • Halloween Parade
  • Veterans` Day Parade

ECSB Halloween_Parade_2006_005

Returning members, with at least one year of instrumental music instruction, will play while they march. New members will march as an auxiliary unit without instruments. Volunteer parents will be asked to march along with the band.


All band members are expected to participate with the Edwardsville Catholic Schools Band in three concerts. All concerts are open to the public. Students, Teachers, Parents, and Grandparents are invited to attend. There will be no admission charged.

  • Christmas Band Tour (December)
  • Spring Concert (March)
  • Awards Concert (May)


All band members will wear long khaki uniform pants and short-sleeved white polo shirt. band2Athletic shoes and socks must be worn for all parades. During cold weather performances, uniform shirts and/or additional layers need to be worn under the band sweatshirt for warmth. During warm/hot weather, eliminate the sweatshirt and wear your plain uniform shirt. Uniform shirts need to be tucked inside pants at all times. In case of extreme heat, your directors will notify you to substitute uniform shorts for uniform long pants.


Other Opportunities

band1Madison County Band Festival, at director`s recommendation.

District Music Contest, optional and open to all members.

Ensemble performances at special functions, school masses, community civic groups, etc.


Total fees for the year will be $130.00 per child, and are nonrefundable.

Band fee deposits for the year are due as soon as possible. A deposit of one-half ($65.00) may be collected during school registration. Please turn in remaining dues ($65.00) as soon as possible. Check with your director to make any other arrangements. All checks should be made payable to St. Boniface School. Please write Band Fee in the memo. Included in the cost of the dues will be the cost of the field trip, lesson instruction at your child`s school and joint band rehearsals after school. Band sweatshirts will be available for an additional cost, beginning in August